Ocean Village Maldives - The Ultimate Experience

Located on the seaside, Ocean Village Maldives comes with a private virgin island that is just 5 minutes by speedboat. After breakfast all guests visit the virgin island where the Seahorse Private Retreat on the beach takes care of everything from meals to snorkeling and other excursions. Guests come back to Ocean Village at sunset.

Seahorse Private Retreat is managed by Ocean Village Maldives, it is where guests receive their ultimate Maldives experience! It comes with below facilities.
• Restroom
• Outdoor shower
• Sun loungers
• Beach towel
• Dining facilities
• Private beach
• A top class housereef for snorkeling
• Lagoon with crystal clear waters
• Ocean Village offers transfers daily

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The private island not only has an amazing beach, the house reef has rich marine life including manta rays. Dolphins are spotted passing by the house reef every few days. If you have not seen one we also offer Dolphin Watching trip that almost guarantees that you will see dolphins, the chances are about 80%. The island has not been explore much before, so at this point we have clue for how long the mantas would stay at the house reef. But, the local says mantas are seen at that island occasionally throughout the year.

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